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About Us

Bizpark Technology Labs was founded in Bursa, Turkey in 2009 to create business solutions for corporate firms. As a partner of Microsoft, we provide application development, consultancy and training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Sharepoint Server softwares. Our other services include developing e-commerce infrastructures, online learning systems and applications both for web and mobile interfaces. We use various technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality to develop simulations.

Embedded software solutions we provided with ARM processors are in use in numerous fields. Inter-device communication systems we develop are integrated with IoT systems.

Moving in to Ulutek Teknopark R&D Center (Uludağ University) in 2011, Bizpark has participated in many national as well as international R&D projects since.

Our R&D collaborations with universities, including EU funded projects, both at home and abroad pave path to new technologies. Today, we continue to support you in your various IT needs thanks to our vast experience, expert staff and ever increasing knowledge.

Let us guide you to the future of digital transformation.

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R&D Projects

Our R&D Projects So Far

Uçak Simülatörü Ironbird V1 aims to develop a flight simulator capable of all the movements of a plane with a 360° of rotation capability as well as a movement capacity in parallel with a plane soaring through the endless sky space to be used for various purposes such as the development of aerospace industry and our pilots' flying capabilities, as well as in events aiming to instill an enthusiasm for flying and aerospace among the children. Thanks to the special software developed for this project, the end-user experiences the complete feeling of using an aircraft via different scenarios (war, watercraft defense, land anti-aircraft defense, observing the physical effects of the movements of the plane etc.) through flight modules. The simulator is capable of mimicking all the maneuvers such as right, left, straight and reverse tumbles. This feature allows users to improve their movement capabilities. Similarly, the simulation includes defense flights and target practices functions for the same purpose.

For detailed information about the project: click here

Artırılmış Gerçeklik Simülatörü The number of waste products due to employee mistakes may reach to a point that poses a threat to the companies. The reason behind the employee mistakes is mostly the insufficient education for reading technical drawings. In this project, various studies were carried out to develop Virtual and Augmented Reality applications for technical drawing classes. Our partners for this project were Uludağ University (Turkey), Huddersfield University (the United Kingdom) and Sofia Technical University (Bulgaria). Upon the successful completion of the project, first tests showed a 20% increase in learning performance.

For detailed information about the project:

Sanal Öğrenme Platformu This project aims to develop an international learning module aiming to bring individuals who will have an active role in the acceleration of the digital transformation to labor market. Based on the data gathered from field searches in 2019, a digital maturity level evaluation is carried out according to Europe Competence Framework for postgraduate students and SME representatives. One of the goals of the project is to help students get better at digital transformation with various courses such as preparing digital transformation strategies, improving literacy skills for the purposes of new technologies like 3D printers. DigiVIP for short, the project prioritizes a green digital transformation mentality and is in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals such as Climate Action (13), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9) as well as the European Green Deal. Bizpark Technology Labs is among the projects partners with Istanbul University (Turkey), IMMEA (Turkey), Manchester Chamber of Commerce (the United Kingdom), Bedfordshire University (the United Kingdom) and Bielefeld University (Germany)

For detailed information about the project

Laparoskopic Ameliyat Simülatörü In partnership with Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine, we developed the necessary equipment and the software for a laparoscopy simulator enhanced with augmented reality. After constituting artificial organs via hologram technology, the virtual and real environments were synced with holographic glasses. Both training program and tests were included in the project to test its efficiency.

The project was included into 1511 Priority Areas of Research, Technology Development and Innovation Projects Supporting Program by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

For detailed information about the project: click here

Our Expertise

Expertise and experiences in

Dynamics CRM 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Offers an outstanding customer experience and top-end operational efficiency with more flexibility and less complexity.


Microsoft Sharepoint Server

SharePoint is a business application which provides an online working space enabling multiple document sharing in-house as well as between companies.

Mobile IOS Android

Mobile Application Softwares

Thanks to our experienced mobile application developer team, we are capable of developing all kinds of mobile applications related to any sector on most used mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Our previous projects in AR and VR provided us with the experience and know-how to bring you solutions on various platforms such as Metaverse.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

Bringing you any Hologram solutions you need worked on glasses Karma gerçeklik üzerinde yaptığımız Hololens vb. gözlükler ile istenilen Hologram çözümlerini geliştiriyoruz.

Embedded Software

Embedded Software

Real-time programming as well as the experience and infrastructure to develop IoT projects on cards such as to ARM, Raspberry PI, Arduino.


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